“Beyond the principles of this handbook, the heart and themes of the book articulate the faithful pilgrimage of a community on mission.”

Jesse Sudirgo, Tyndale University Professor

Peace of the City

Peace of the City invites you into a story of God’s transforming peace in the real-life experience of a small bible-study group turned missional community in Thorold, Ontario. This book challenges and inspires readers to reflect deeply on their own communities while providing practical advice on how to cultivate missional-living within groups, neighbourhoods, cities, and beyond.

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Terence Schilstra

Terence Schilstra is an ordained pastor and missional community leader at The Table in downtown Thorold, Ontario. Terence’s passion lies in further developing the imagination of the church towards faith and missional engagement in their neighbourhoods.

The Table

The Table is a Christian faith community in downtown Thorold with a mission to love and serve the community in the name of Jesus. Specifically, The Table’s missional activity is serving together with the community of an inner-city school to build meaningful relationships.  

*All the profits of this book go directly towards the ministry of The Table and the ongoing positive transformation of Downtown Thorold. 


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