“My prayer is that this book would cultivate the missional imagination of other small groups, missional communities, & churches throughout our region, province, country, & beyond.”

– Terence Schilstra

Peace of the City

A Handbook for Missional Communities

Peace of the City offers a selection of missional practices for any Christian, small group, or missional community seeking to love their community in the name of Jesus. Each missional practice proceeds from the heart of Scripture, the life of Jesus, real life experiences, and the history of the church, including Benedictine and Franciscan missional practice.

All the profits of this book go directly towards the ministry of The Table and the ongoing positive transformation of Downtown Thorold.


Downtown Thorold, ON

A Community Profile

The inspiration for Peace of the City is rooted in the real-life experiences of a missional community who recognized a variety of needs within their community, downtown Thorold, and took action. In the book, Terence offers an analysis of some of the key challenges present in Downtown Thorold. He writes:

“This examination of downtown Thorold has a view towards comprehending the past and present realities of Thorold in order for our missional community to meaningfully engage the downtown neighbourhood moving forward, culminating in a set of theological responses by which the missional community might participate in the area’s transformation. It is intended to be an example of how to go about understanding one’s particular context.”